• Appointments


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  • Appointments are by referral only!

    If you are not currently a patient, please contact your doctor for a referral.

    • If you are a patient, and have had services in the last year, call our office at (785)827-2238, to make another appointment.
    • If you have been a patient, but have not had services in more than a year, please contact your doctor for a referral.

    For questions concerning personal payments, or to make payment arrangements, call our office at (785) 827-2238 and ask for Accounts Receivable department.
    For questions concerning insurance issues, or insurance payments call our office at (785) 827-2238 and ask for our Insurance Specialist.
    For a prescription refill, call your pharmacy; they will contact us for the renewal.
    To change your medication, please call our office and make an appointment to see the doctor.

    How do I get started?

    Welcome to our pain clinic. We have attached Patient Information, Patient Financial Responsibility, Pain History, HIPAA Authorization forms to complete at your leisure. Please fill out the forms and bring them along with your medical insurance cards and driver's license (or other photo ID) on the day of your appointment.

    We do not participate with all insurance companies, although we do send in an insurance claim for you and we accept payment from them; any balance remaining will be billed to you. Please remember that all co-pay amounts are due at the time of your appointment. If you aren’t sure we participate with your insurance company, please call our office.

    Your visit with the doctor may include an injection. Your pain experience is unique, and every person responds differently to treatment medications. For this reason we ask you bring a driver with you to the appointment to ensure your safe return trip.

    To help reduce the chance of infection, please remember to shower or bathe the day of your appointment.
    If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.